Welcome to loop label. This is, as you may already have guessed, my blog.

For many years I was very much against the concept of blogging, mainly because most blogs I read were completely uninteresting to me. But then I finally realized two things: 1) blogs are not going away, no matter how much I ignore them, so if I can’t beat them, I might as well join them, and 2) I actually might have some stuff I want to say myself.

If anyone is wondeing what the name is all about, here’s a clue for you:

mov ecx, 2
loop label

If you after reading that suspect that I might be a programmer and also a bit of a geek, you’re absolutely right. And if you have no idea what those cryptic letters mean and don’t know the first thing about programming (at least not in assembly language), don’t worry. I am also fascinated by other topics, such as technology, film, music, photography and human behavior. Chances are, I might also dare write about those things every now and then.

So there you go. Here’s my blog. Hate it, love it or ignore it. It’s your choice.