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A Tribute to Snake

In the history of computer games, I think Snake might be one of the most cloned games ever. At least, it has always been my favorite game to implement when learning a new programming langauge or trying a new platform. To me, Snake is the “Hello, World” of game programming. Even though other classics like […]


Design Patterns for Implementing Application Preferences, Anyone?

Configuration, preferences, settings, options, properties—whatever you call it—all but the simplest applications allow the user to customize some of their functionality (and often appearance). But how do you implement this? Is there a best practices for programming application preferences in a clean, easily maintainable and well-structured way? I recently began working on my latest hobby […]


Books Every Programmer Should Read

After reading Jeff Atwoods comments on the fact(?) that programmer’s don’t read books I was a bit upset. Not because I disagree with him; my experience also shows that most programmers, at least of the ones I have met and worked with in the past, neither read nor own books about their profession—I even remember […]